Barefoot walking during Covid19

During this time of isolation many people are working from home. As a result they are either in socks or barefoot. If you are standing for more than 20 minutes on hard surfaces you should be wearing shoes. This will prevent foot discomfort and pain.

Helping the homeless

Many of the foot conditions in our homeless populations are highly preventable. We can all help by having packages of socks in our cars or briefcases to distribute to the homeless people we meet each and every day.

Flip Flops

People who spend the whole day wearing  flip flops are setting themselves up for foot pain. They don’t provide support and can cause   arch and heel pain.

National Foot Health Month

May is National Foot Health Month. It is a good opportunity to have your feet checked and to have your issues dealt with by a Podiatrist. Allow us to improve your quality of life.