Reopening of Uxbridge office January 2021

Dear Valued Uxbridge Patients,
I hope you and your family are faring well through this pandemic. I have missed coming up to Uxbridge over these past six, difficult, months. However, I am looking forward to returning in the new year to address of all your footcare needs.
I want to take this opportunity to explain why there is such a delay in our reopening. My office space is rented from the doctors of the Toronto Street Medical Centre. These doctors have been mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Health to significantly limit in-person patient visits, as per public health guidelines. Even though podiatrists are allowed in-person visits (as dictated by the Ontario Ministry of Health), the location of my practice within this medical office was not conducive to podiatric patient care.
One other significant complication is that the office is to undergo a total renovation, further limiting available safe space to see podiatric patients. The work was originally scheduled to begin in mid-July, but material shortages due to the pandemic have delayed the project. The renovation will begin at the end of September, and is expected to be completed by this year’s end.
My office at Highway 404 and Finch is open. Please feel welcome to visit me there should you require any care in the interim. Call me at 416-494-6354, or email me at To arrange an appointment for the new year in Uxbridge, please call the office at 905-852-0391 after December 15th. Of course, these appointments in the new year will still be dependent upon prevailing COVID-19 conditions in the community.
I look forward to seeing you and to taking care of you once again.
Warmest Regards

Paul N. Leszner, D.P.M.