Paul N. Leszner D.P.M – Podiatrist

A Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) is a highly-trained specialist in care of the feet.
Podiatrists are concerned with the examination, diagnosis and prevention of foot disorders by mechanical surgical and other means of treatment. Podiatrists are one of six primary care professions, authorized by Ontario Law to communicate their diagnosis to patients.

A referral from your family physician, however, is not required to see a Podiatrist.

Do you experience foot pain?

Foot pain is not a normal condition. People might think that self-diagnosis is sufficient, but you should consider seeing a podiatrist to identify the problem and provide you the ability to fix it.

Feet are very complex structures, composed of 26 bones held together by a network of hundreds of muscles, tendon and ligaments.

Bearing over a million pounds per day for the average adult, your feet are a valuable asset that is worth maintaining in great operating condition – to last a lifetime.

New patients are welcome.