Paul N. Leszner D.P.M – Podiatrist

Paul Leszner has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the medical field of podiatry. He joined the staff of Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in 1981 and was Chief of the Podiatry Division from 1985 until 2002.

Paul Leszner was an integral member of a group practice in general podiatry, diabetic and orthopedic foot care, working in conjunction with the orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists at the Centre.

Furthermore, Paul Leszner is a member of the Ontario Podiatry Association (OPMA), and has represented the Association on the healing arts and radiation protection committee.

He has spoken extensively on issues regarding podiatric care. Some of the topics which Paul Leszner has covered include presentations on foot health and biomechanics.

Paul Leszner has also been published in magazines such as Occupational Health, North York Seniors Magazine and Sunnybrook Health Science Centre Family Practice Newsletter.  Aside from published work, Paul Leszner has appeared on radio and television shows to discuss issues relating to his field of expertise.