Swelling Feet

Each day in my podiatry practice I am asked about foot swelling. This can occur for a variety of reasons. One is prolonged sitting in a fixed position such as on a long airline trip.. Many of us notice that our shoes seem to be much tighter after the flight, especially if we have removed our shoes. Other times it can be from prolonged standing throughout the day.

The veins are the anatomical structure  necessary to bring blood from our feet to our heart. If there is some compromise of the veins swelling of the feet can become an issue. As we age our veins weaken and the valves inside them tend to stretch. This will result in reflux and accumulation of fluid in our feet.

In both of the above cases there are some simple treatments that can alleviate or reduce the fluid in the feet. Exercise helps greatly as the muscles in the lower extremity can force the fluid back towards the heart. Another simple treatment is to elevate your feet above of the level of  your heart. Over the counter compression stockings can also be used if necessary. These can be purchased  in most pharmacies and are very effective.

Of course there are  other more serious causes and one should always consider speaking to your family doctor if these simple methods do not work.