Patients with diabetes and poor circulation should be under the care of a  Podiatrist. Preventative maintenance can reduce the potential for infections and potential gangrene and amputation.

Help Your Feet Last A Lifetime

Senior citizens in particular are in a high risk group for foot problems. With proper foot care senior citizens can enjoy many years of pain free activity. Toenail problems are quite common. As we get older toenails may thicken, become ingrown or be affected by fungus. Corns and calluses are more frequent and can result in foot pain. If you have these maladies  visit your Podiatrist promptly.

Summer Feet Suffer

Beware of excessive use of flip flops during the summer. This type of  footwear offers no support which can result in foot pain. If you are looking for sandals, look for  a firm heel cup, arch support, and straps that go over the feet. Some excellent brands are Naot, FinnComfort, and Birkenstock.

Orthotic Assessment

Orthotics generally provide proper foot support for between 2 and 4 years. See your podiatrist to have your orthotics assessed to ensure that you have the correct  biomechanical suppport  and to determine if your prescription hasn’t changed.

Spring is here

Spring has begun and many of us are beginning to run outside again. Whether you are running for recreation, or training for upcoming races, spring is an excellent time  to check your shoes to see if they need replacing. The rule of thumb is that running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles or 800 kilometers.


In my office custom made prescription orthotics are made from neutral position plaster cast impressions of the feet. We can furnish our patients with all the documentation that insurance companies require. The information would include the biomcechanical exam, gait analysis and the materials from which the orthotics are made.

Our orthotics are made by Langer Biomechanics.